Why Artyhomes wallpaper ?

 Why  Artyhomes wallpaper ?

Nowadays wallpaper is becoming   most popular interior decorative option in Sri Lanka, 

It is 6-8  hours  for Application 

Wallpaper  is the fastest, most convenient, durable and hassle free wall decoration product across the wallpaper . The most preferred wall finish world over 60% of beautiful  homes and offices worldwide are dressed with wallpaper and wall covering 

 Artyhomes wallpaper Sri Lanka can be applied in a day's time.  it is Saving you from the inconvenience of a continuously blocked house or an inactive store or office.  Artyhomes wallpaper is the smart solution for your walls; with  huge  saving in resources terms of time and usage/business opportunities.

.A room can be wallpapering within 6-8  hours.( approximately 500 SQFT )

 For A office -can be done over a weekend, 

 For restaurant,- it can be done between the lunch and dinner break, 

For a hotel room –

within the check out and check in time of guests and so on. Thus, there is no loss of revenue. Besides, wallpaper application involves no-mess and no-smell. It is fast, convenient and hassle free.

It is Long Life

 Artyhomes wallpapers Sri Lanka  are eminently long on life. Made from  PVC  it is washable and water proof , their material and application is high on integrity. Serviced by authorized contractors, artyhomes  wallpaper Sri Lanka generally comes with a 5-7   years Service Warranty ( depend on types of wallpaper ). Regular maintenance and upkeep as per the guidelines, keeps the charm of artyhomes wallpaper and custom wallpaper going for several years.

PVC wallpaper  in Sri Lanka for 15 years good life, without any quality deterioration. Thus, Artyhomes walls go on and on and on. Marshalls offers a composite warranty of 5 years for wallpaper products and application, on a dry wall surface

It is Washable and waterproof 

wallpapers  in Sri Lanka are vinyl coated; thus, they are 100% washable and colorfast. Besides, dust repellent chemicals are added in the vinyl coating, to ensure dust does not settle on wallpapers , making them look fresh for years.

It is Saver your energy 

 Wallpapers restricts the flow of heat, acting as a coolant in summers and as a heating device in winters. Naturally, limiting the need for air-conditioning or heating.. Up to 7% energy can be saved with Artyhomes wallpapers 

World over wallpapers are recognized for its thermal insulation. Considerable energy can be saved, by just using wallpaper . So save electricity cost, become an eco reformer

 It is Eco Friendly

Wallpapers do not emit aerosols like  wall paints, and warrants no waste of trees. The colour pigments are also water based. also , it is recyclable, thereby optimizing varied natural resources. Therefore, when you choose - you choose green environments . 

It is Safe 

Lead is contained in paints, when paints wear off lead-flake leakage can be hazardous to health. Our wallpapers are '0' lead and hence are truly safe. Dust too, is repelled from wallpaper ; assuring cleaner breathing for all. For every space in which hygiene is vital, wallpapers are natural choice.

Pic- ceiling wallpaper at Eden hotels PLC beruwala , Sri lanka